Tips to Overcome Stress

by Trace on January 14, 2011


1.    Dealing with The Internal Judge
2.    Dealing with Persistent Emotions
3.    Power Questions for Passion and Meaning

1.    Dealing with The Internal Judge

JudgeManThe internal judge is the continual voice in your head that is giving you a hard time. Something is not right.
•    Are you judging yourself?
•    Get to know that internal judge?
•    What is it’s story?
•    Give it a personality?

Be Mindful of this judge and simply become the witness to the judgemental conversation.

You will recognise the conversation. You have heard it over and over and over again. Haven’t you?

The next step to take is:
Thankyou.#8313162•    Give thanks to your internal judge.
•    Tell it “I no longer need your help to judge me and make me wrong.”
•   I do the best I can every day. Everything I do is perfect in every way. What I don’t get done today, I can choose to get done on another day, and that’s ok.
•    I set you free. Now I am free.

2.    Dealing with persistent emotions use this ABC process to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Ask yourself these 4 questions:
1.    Describe the emotion / feeling & write this down
2.    If you could give it a colour, what colour would it be?
3.    If you could give it a shape, what shape would it be?
4.    How dense on a scale of 1-10 is this
This will objectify the situation. You start to separate from the emotion.

Step 2: Breath and Detach
Balloon.FloatingThis emotion is not who you are. You are aware of the emotion. You are the one who is AWARE. You are not the emotion. Visualise this emotion floating above you, encased in a balloon, separate from you. This emotion inside the balloon is floating far away from you now.

Step 3: Cut the string and Release
Release this balloon, cut the string, let the balloon and those unwanted emotions drift far away.
Take 3 Deep breaths. Focus on your heart. With each breath, fill yourself with peace and calm and love.

Say repeatedly:
I am calm, I am still, I am at peace.
HeartJaggedI am calm, I am still, I am at peace.
I am Love, I am Love, I am Love.

Continue Breathing Deeply. Your heart is now clear of unwanted emotions and replaced with calm, peace and love. Notice how simple that is to do. You can do this whenever you need to. It’s as simple as ABC. It really is.

3.    Ask Yourself these Power Questions


1. How can I do what I love to do and make money?

2. How can I do what I love to do and help others?

3. How can I do what I love to do and help others make money?

How can I help others?

    You may have a solution to their problem
    You may be able to lift their spirit
    You may be able to bring friendship, fun and laughter into their life
    You may bring knowledge they are seeking
    You may have skills they need
    You may bring hope, encouragement and motivation
    You may bring them love.

How can I help the environment?

    You may join a group you are passionate about
    You may create a group with a common cause
    You may offer your skills, love and passion

Talk to a friend – choose someone who can help you find positive solutions.

If it is your passionate intention to find a positive solution YOU WILL.

Energy follows Awareness. Whatever you focus on will grow in energy and momentum.

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“Without Inner Peace, How can we Make Real Peace”

HH The Dalai Lama

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