Accept, Breathe, Change

by Trace on January 4, 2011

No matter what level of stress we experience a daily plan is a key to coping with stress. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan were wise words from my training manager in my early working years. That’s all good and well, but “What if things don’t go according to my plan!”

KISS.LipsKISS – Keep it simple stupid. That’s the KISS principle.  And that’s true too.

Consciousness is evolving and accelerating so time and space are changing rapidly.

Some days fly like clockwork and you can have a magical day. The next day it may seem like every corner you turn is a road block and you hit a brick wall or an obstacle.

Take one step at a time. Take one day at a time. Each day is a new day.

Question.GoldDoes this task really, really, really need to get done today?

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that question. Maybe it can wait until tomorrow. Give yourself the space and stillness to realistically prioritise tasks.


How to learn from your greatest blows in life. Apply the ABC.

  1. Accept the situation. What has happened, has happened. Let the dust settle.
  2. Breathe Deeply. Take a few more deep breaths. Have some quiet time to absorb the change.
  3. Control the situation. Take control by gathering information on potential options so you can make an informed decision and change the course of action. Look for a positive solution.

Listen to Kawena here about Simple, Quality Breathing…





Accept the situation Breathe Deeply Change your Perception
Acknowledge you are out of balance Balance – seek balance Change your Thoughts
Ask and Ye shall Receive Be calm Change your Beliefs
Ask “How can I?” Questions Be still Change your Actions
Allow yourself to rest, pause, take a deep breath Be Peaceful

Be Kind to Yourself

Change your Attitude to one of Gratitude
Act Now Believe in yourself Control the situation. Take control.

Feed Yourself Positive Food for Thought.

Feed Yourself Positive Thoughts for Food.

Start the New Year with a Single Step at a Time.

Small steps

Dream big

Stay Strong

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