The Spark of Hope

by Trace on December 7, 2010

A Spark Inside eventually led me out of Depression

I interviewed Elizabeth Joy in Chapter 10 of my book and here are the key messages:

How did Depression happen for you?

About 10 years ago my biggest experience with stress and depression began when I injured my shoulder and neck and the pain from ShoulderPainthe injury became worse and worse and nothing I did could heal it. The pain become so intense and went on for so long that it became emotional pain as well. The stress on my body became stress on my mind which eventually became depression. This chronic pain lasted for about 18 months and was very debilitating. It was the type of pain that you would do just about anything to be free of.

Were you able to find a solution to get rid of that physical pain?

No. I tried everything and anything that might help, medical and non medical. But for me nothing could alleviate the pain for long and would aggravate it in some cases. The longer it went on the more stressed I became. No one could tell me why it was getting worse and not better.

What was the key for you that started to turn the pain and depression around?

SparkBlue.#8196587Well it was a very gradual process. I started to focus and listen more to the voice within, a spark inside, a feeling of hope that things could and would get better.

Focusing more on the spark of hope I began to slowly accept the situation to make peace with where I was and with what was happening and not happening. I began being easier on myself for getting into the situation and for being depressed.

I slowly stopped fighting the situation and myself.

HeartJaggedEmbracing my spiritual connection more was important for me. Hope and faith are part of spiritualness. I had to feel more and think less. I had to connect more with my heart and less with my mind.

What was the thought process that had you do something different than you had done before?

I began slowly to focus less on the pain and little by little more on the moments when the pain would ease. I started to remember those moments more than I was remembering the pain filled moments. I also stopped thinking that the pain and depression was wrong or bad in some way. That helped me to think and feel differently about the situation.

I had to let it be okay to be depressed. I had to let it be okay to take as long as I needed to move through it. It was a very slow process, in fact sometimes I felt I was standing still or even going backwards. That had to be ok as well if I was to keep going at all.

Whatever I was thinking and feeling, I had to be ok with it in some way. That can be challenging if you are somewhere you don’t want to be.

Elizabeth’s Book of Poetry & Acronyms

During my recovery I did a lot of writing that helped me. My book is called “Reconnect with the Heart and Remember the ReconnectHeartSoulSoul”. It’s a book of spiritual simplicity expressed through poetry, acronyms, affirmations and meditations. It can be used for personal peace and self empowerment.

HOPE is:





Never give up hope and Hold Only Positive Emotions.

Stress and depression are negative emotions that can to be changed to positive emotions, one thought and emotion at a time.







When we have Full Alignment In The Heart we can hear our inner voice, the spark, and our own truth.

To learn more about my book “How To Overcome Stress Naturally” you can buy from my website for $29.95, click here, or any major retail book store.

Learn more from Elizabeth Joy and her eBook “Reconnect with the Heart and Remember the Soul” at

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