Accept Help from Others

by Trace on November 18, 2010

Has pain, mental, emotion or physical ever struck you down to the point of helplessness?

When you have been the capable one, independent, self-reliant, supportive of others and all of sudden a life circumstance has you be completely at the mercy of others to help you…you may hear yourself say “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

MuktiLartigau.ColourMukti Lartigau is a Natural Healer, Yoga Instructor & Meditation teacher….for almost 20 years. Then struck down in pain triggered by lifting something a bit too heavy one day. “The bulging disc in my back popped out and the pain was excrutiating.” Mukti said.

Did you educate yourself on what you needed to do?

Yes, I’ve been educated for a long time and telling other people, but of course, when it comes to you, turning that caring onto yourself, turning the focus into yourself, I found it to be one of the most difficult things.

Did it affect your Self-Esteem?

Well… yes and no, because very quickly I got to the point of realizing that this was very necessary for me, and it was, in fact, a gift.

A gift in what way?

GiftIt is an absolute knowing that everything we draw into our life we are the “directors on the stage”, the “stage of my life”, and we are pulling all these situations in, in order to learn so we never ever have to go through this stuff again.

I had to learn to listen to my body, which, at that point in time, I don’t think I was doing. There is nothing like pain to focus you.

I can understand why people would go into deep depression with something like this. Fortunately I’ve pinpointed why I haven’t. It’s because I’m fascinated by the pain. It is as if I can take one step backwards from myself, and I actually observe what’s going on with me. I’m sure that other people can do it too, and I’m also sure that a lot of people can’t, because pain is so self-involving.

I am more fascinated with the pain than depressed with it.

How have you learnt to listen to your body more?

I think that has come as a direct result of the pain. That’s why I know that it was very necessary, because otherwise I think I would have kept going as I was going. The pain really gives me the horrors, sometimes. It frustrates me and a couple of times I’ve tossed the cushion across the room, but that’s about as far as I’ve gone.

I was so active, and now I’m not. And I will be again. I will. I will. It doesn’t feel permanent, this thing.

It feels like an incredible lesson handed to me on a golden platter.

What has been your biggest lesson from this dis-ease in your body?

HelpAccept.DalaiLamaAccepting help from other people. I was always the one who helped others. Learning to say no was a big thing and accepting help from people.  Sometimes I would almost be teary saying no to people. I realized that physically I could not do it. That was huge for me. Huge.

It’s one thing to say “Yes I accept help from others”, but do we really?

Well obviously I didn’t. The state I am in at the moment, physically, I decided, is the only state I could possibly be in to learn what I needed to learn. I am very grateful for it, really. I say that in the morning now. When I am in the greatest pain I say “I am so grateful for this.”

I was pretty well connected to myself, but obviously not connected enough. I think the only thing for me, was pain, to get my attention and focus my attention completely!

Mukti Lartigau has built her body step by step, day by day, rebuilt her body of health, listening to her body for her own unique journey back to balanced health.

What lessons is life presenting to you with physical, emotional, mental stress &  pain?

GiftStress is necessary. Stress motivates us to change. Change because we are in dis-comfort and something needs to change. Can you turn your pain into a gift?

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Remember: Accept Help from Others and Listen to your own body.

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