Listen & Have Compassion

by Trace on September 22, 2010

Times are tough for many. That’s what friends are for. Take a moment to reflect on the people you most often have around you. Do they support you, listen to you, encourage you? Do you support, listen and encourage your friends?

In Chapter 7 of my book “How To Overcome Stress Naturally with foreword by His AussieHelpersPic.BrianNeridaHoliness The Dalai Lama” I interviewed Brian Egan – who founded Aussie Helpers for our Outback Farmers.

Personally, when I talk to my friends, when there’s something I need to get off my chest, I often find a solution just in talking to my friends.

Brian: That’s right. That’s why we do that, because often these people do come up with their own solutions after we keep them talking about their problmes.


The secret is just to sit down and listen to people.

You don’t have to be a highly educated person with fifteen degrees after your name to be able to counsel someone, because ninety-nine percent of it’s just listening.

Have a lot of compassion, or a bit of compassion for people.

Give people a hug that’s what they need.

We are not out to save the world, I can tell you that, Tracey. But if we can help a few people it’s what it’s all about.

Brians tells me a bit about his charity –  Aussie Helpers.

Brian: Aussie Helpers was a success that was born out of adversity. It was just a dream, a vision. Going back to that psychologist saying to go out and help somebody worse off than you. I thought, jeez, there’s plenty of farmers that could do with a hand up, I can tell you. And that’s how it started.

We never had any money. The whole organization started off with twenty dollars. We took food out of our own kitchen to make into a raffle, and the twenty dollars was used to buy raffle books. We started doing raffles in the pub. And that’s how it kicked off.

Last financial year we received over a million dollars in donations from all over the place. It’s just grown and grown, and keeps on growing.

It starts with one little step.

aussiehelperspictruckYes It does. And we’ve got six vehicles on the road, and now and a couple of buildings; we don’t have any debt. Because it’s been so successful I think a lot of business and ordinary people get behind it because they can see that we’re just practical people, and we are actually doing what we say we do.

I don’t get stressed about anything anymore. I don’t even worry anymore. I don’t know why it’s happened. People say you must get burned out, or how do you debrief yourself after talking to so many people? I just don’t ever need to do it.

  • I don’t keep things in, for one thing.
  • I just let it slide through, and off to see the next one.
  • I don’t dwell on things.

The one thing I think about most of all is “What more can we do to help these people?” That’s about all.

I certainly don’t dwell on things.

At this stage Aussie Helpers are in six states, Qld, NSW, Vic, South Australia Tasmania and also Western Australia.

If you need help with talking to someone, ring 1-300-665-232. Somebody will talk to you straight away.

We’ll listen to your stories, and if you need somebody to go out and see you, we do.

I’ve driven ten-twelve hours to go out and see people. But we do see them.

The website is

Or you can email:

Brian Egan’s message is to Listen & Have Compassion. We can all do with a reminder, to be kind to others, and also to ourself!

Be Kind Whenever Possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama

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