Stress Less & Be Mindful

by Trace on October 6, 2009

Mental Health Awareness Week 4th -10th October 2009

Be Mindful of your own thoughts and think healthy thoughts.


Stress Less Day Wednesday 7th October 2009

Stress Less by being Mindful and being Kind to Yourself.


mindfulnessBe Mindful. Be Aware. Observe the monkey chatter of the mind. Watch your thoughts come and go. Be an observer of your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer.


Take a Deep Breath In and Gently Breath Out and Let Go of all the tension.


Take another Deep Breath, expanding the belly out, filling the bottom of your lungs with air, then Gently Breath Out and Let Go of the thoughts in your head.


 Take a 3rd Deep Breath, expand your belly out, filling your lungs with air, and Slowly, Gently Breath out all the toxins in your body and in your mind. You will now naturally Stress less.


Oxygen is the Gift of Life.

Oxygen cleanses the Mind and revitalises every cell in our body.


With these 3 Deep Breaths you will begin to notice the stillness in your mind and in your heart. Let those monkey thoughts drift away. Thoughts have a life of their own, the conversation in your head will continue until you stop paying attention to it. To help you Stress less, observe your thoughts rather than being caught up in the circus of your thoughts.


Focus on your Breath. Be Mindful, Be Aware, Observe your thoughts. In time, you will become Master of your Mind. The Mind is a wonderful Servant but a terrible Master.


In My Book How To Overcome Stress Naturally at the end of each chapter I have simple Mindfulness activities. You can sign up for Daily Mindfulness Activities at



Be Master of the Mind rather than Mastered by the Mind.

Zen quote

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